Religion And Faith

Whitford Catholic Primary School is a faith community centred on the teachings of Jesus and expressed in our motto ‘Faith in God – Faith in Myself’. We give witness through the integration of faith and life in a family orientated and faith based learning environment where students, their families and staff have the opportunity to express their Catholic faith commitment through their relationships with each other and the Church.

Parents are most welcome and encouraged to attend class and whole school masses and liturgies, as these are a central part of our school.

Religious Education comprises two distinct but complementary dimensions – teaching religion as a curriculum area and developing the religious dimension of the school by nurturing the religious, spiritual and faith formation of our students.

Religious Education is central to the curriculum and life of the school. It is taught in context with the same systemic demands and rigour as all other learning areas and is sequenced to help children relate to the Catholic faith within their daily lives. The units of work are set by the Catholic Education Office of WA and mandated by the Bishops of Western Australia.

As the first faith educators of their children, parents are integral to their development and are asked to be actively involved in their preparation. To assist parents with the changing emphasis regarding the teaching and understanding of religious education, evening workshops and information sessions are planned where parents are given background information about the relevant sacrament. As the sacramental program is now parish based, the parish sacramental team co-ordinates programs, with relevant follow-up work in the classroom.

Children participate in the Sacrament of Reconciliation in Year 3, Eucharist in Year 4 and Confirmation in Year 6.